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Stylish Ways To Wear The Kimono Trend

By   02/01/2018

Fashion designers periodically take inspiration from ethnic or traditional clothing from different cultures. This kind of practice, when done right and respectfully, is a fantastic way to celebrate diverse cultures,women in kimono and share it with the rest of the world.

One very popular style to take inspiration from is the traditional Japanese kimono. Whether haute couture or ready to wear apparel, it is not uncommon to find touches of this elegant and timeless style. For more click here to check out. Kimono wear is also flattering, feminine, and very eye-catching.

Kimono Trend Wear

A Touch Of Japan

The key to incorporating this style or any other traditional style for that matter into everyday dressing is restraint. Too much of it and you run the risk of looking like you are going to a costume party.

Consider The Fabric

One good thing to consider is colorful cloththe fabric. Traditional kimonos come in a range of fabrics and prints and many on-the-rack pieces take overt references to these. The cherry blossom design, whether digitally printed or painstakingly embroidered is always elegant and popular. Another thing to consider is the silhouette. Kimono sleeves are popular because they are flattering and incredibly high on drama. You will find kimono sleeves in cover-ups, tops, dresses, and even in coats.

Not to be overlooked is the obi belt. This is a vital part of a traditional kimono costume and has found its way in the modern accessories repertoire. An obi belt would typically be crafted from fabric or leather. It can fasten with a slim bow or with buckles. This wide belt is great at cinching the waistline and emphasizing the most naturally narrow part of a woman’s torso. The effect is an instant hourglass figure.

Kimono-Inspired Pieces in Fast Fashion

woman with casual kimonoA quick survey of what is available in Boutique stores and big fast fashion labels will give you countless ladies wear -stylish ways to wear the kimono trend. You will find a lot of lightweight toppers in silk or in chiffon bearing that distinct kimono silhouette. There are great worn as cover-ups for bikinis or with jeans and a simple tank top for a perfect weekend look.

This trend is not only limited to ladies wear. Likewise, stylish ways to wear the kimono trend is also have something to offer the men. Great overcoats with wide kimono sleeves are on-trend and edgy. These will look especially great with obi-belts with masculine touches.