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How to Sew a Stunning Dress using Inexpensive Materials

By   05/15/2017

Sometimes, one moves from shop to shop without finding the perfect dress. However, you do not have to be frustrated as you can make the dress of your dreams using a few tips and tricks. Today, many people take sewing as a hobby. Imagine making the dress of your dreams; right fit, great design, your style and one that is flattering to your body shape without necessarily breaking the bank. So, if want to create your own dresses, start by investing in great tools. Take a look at the sewing machines reviews and get the best one for you.

This brief overview looks into a few tricks and strategies one can use in sewing their dress.

Sew a stunning dress using inexpensive materials

  • Take measurements

The first step is to take measurements from different parts of your body including waist, breast, and height. This ensures you have perfectly fitting clothes.


  • Choose garment

  1. You can choose colorful clothes with playful prints of your choice that is inexpensive. You can, for example, make a dress from a ribbed tank top and 3 yards of matching fabric.
  2. Proceed to cut the tank top in half or according to your preference. The length of the tank top depends on a person’s burst size and how long the dress is.
  3. Wrap the fabric around your waist about 1 and half times then cut in a straight line
  4. Fold your fabric in two halves to create a skirt then sew the short side.
  5. Open the fabric and sew on two layers of fabric to join them together.
  6. Ensure the skirt has loose yet evenly distributed ruffles while sewing.
  7. Turn the skirt inside out where raw edges are facing out then place the tank top inside then pin them together and sew.

Great tips

  • Get the garment tailored

A very cheap dress can look like a high-end designer skirt with just some trick stitches.

  • Replace buttons

Switching cheap buttons for richer looking buttons such as pearl, metal or bone can make your dress look significantly expensive. You can also harvest great looking buttons from old clothes.

  • Use garment that is in new condition

If the garment has stains, take it to the dry cleaner. If the stains cannot come out, do not use the garment as it will make your dress look old and inexpensive. Also keep away from distressed pieces as they end up looking old in just a short time.

  • Choose black over brown

Earthy colors such as brown, olive and mauve end up looking dingily and low quality especially when used in prints. Use black, white, as well as bright looking colors such as rich jewel tones and bold pastels.

  • Create a silhouette under clothes

hgdd874Visible panty lines and bra lines can make you outfit look ill-fitting and flimsy like many cheap clothes. A lightweight shapewear minimizes bumps making your outfit look luxurious.

You can now create the dress you desire using the above strategies and get the satisfaction of wearing a stunning, fitting dress in your style.