Factors to consider before getting eyelashes extensions

By   04/22/2017

Eyelash extensions have become a popular beauty technique. Putting the extensions is a practical and aesthetic technology that many salons and beauty spas offer. Women love feeling beautiful and putting extensions on their eyelashes changes their appearance in a positive manner, and it makes it smooth for makeup application. The extensions in https://blissfulbrowsandlashes.com will make the lashes look longer, wider and more colorful as there are a variety of colors available in beauty cosmetics. While they are fun and beautiful to try out, some factors should be considered before getting the extensions. Below are some of the vital points of consideration;


The extensions must be done by professionals who have a considerable amount of experience. This is because it involves attaching the lashes one by one and it is a cumbersome exercise. Therefore, someone who has perfected the art over time knows how to do that without getting breaks in between and wasting the clients’ time. Moreover, getting tired while putting the lashes will lead to a poorly done job. The output will be a set of sooty lashes that are incomplete showcasing over the eyes.


The procedure of putting the extensions is very comfortable such that some clients tend to sleep during the application. It is not a painful experience as some people may perceive it. However, it takes approximately two hours for professionals to get the job done. Time should, therefore, be considered before going for the process because individuals who are in a hurry may try to hasten the process leading to work that is poorly done.


kjwbfkwebfjkewbf4wConsidering your lifestyle before getting the extensions is essential. Exposure to water and oil will cause the lashed to get damaged. However, there are good quality lashes that will not get messed up when exposed to such factors. Hence, before getting the lashes done, think about your lifestyle and how long you want to keep the lashes. If you can afford the good ones that are durable, they are a better option.

Fills and new Lashes

Before getting the extensions, having knowledge about touch ups or fills is imperative. For the lashes to have a longer life, fills must be arranged every three to four weeks. In addition to that, the procedure needs to be redone every six to eight weeks by professionals. Reason being, bonding of the adhesive that is used to attach the lashes weakens causing the lashes to detach.