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Stylish Ways To Wear The Kimono Trend

By   02/01/2018

Fashion designers periodically take inspiration from ethnic or traditional clothing from different cultures. This kind of practice, when done right and respectfully, is a fantastic way to celebrate diverse cultures,women in kimono and share it with the rest of the world.

One very popular style to take inspiration from is the traditional Japanese kimono. Whether haute couture or ready to wear apparel, it is not uncommon to find touches of this elegant and timeless style. For more click here to check out. Kimono wear is also flattering, feminine, and very eye-catching.

Kimono Trend Wear

A Touch Of Japan

The key to incorporating this style or any other traditional style for that matter into everyday dressing is restraint. Too much of it and you run the risk of looking like you are going to a costume party.

Consider The Fabric

One good thing to consider is colorful cloththe fabric. Traditional kimonos come in a range of fabrics and prints and many on-the-rack pieces take overt references to these. The cherry blossom design, whether digitally printed or painstakingly embroidered is always elegant and popular. Another thing to consider is the silhouette. Kimono sleeves are popular because they are flattering and incredibly high on drama. You will find kimono sleeves in cover-ups, tops, dresses, and even in coats.

Not to be overlooked is the obi belt. This is a vital part of a traditional kimono costume and has found its way in the modern accessories repertoire. An obi belt would typically be crafted from fabric or leather. It can fasten with a slim bow or with buckles. This wide belt is great at cinching the waistline and emphasizing the most naturally narrow part of a woman’s torso. The effect is an instant hourglass figure.

Kimono-Inspired Pieces in Fast Fashion

woman with casual kimonoA quick survey of what is available in Boutique stores and big fast fashion labels will give you countless ladies wear -stylish ways to wear the kimono trend. You will find a lot of lightweight toppers in silk or in chiffon bearing that distinct kimono silhouette. There are great worn as cover-ups for bikinis or with jeans and a simple tank top for a perfect weekend look.

This trend is not only limited to ladies wear. Likewise, stylish ways to wear the kimono trend is also have something to offer the men. Great overcoats with wide kimono sleeves are on-trend and edgy. These will look especially great with obi-belts with masculine touches.

Tips on how to look good during your wedding

By   11/28/2017

Every woman who is looking forward to marrying the man of her dreams would, of course, want to look her best as she walks down the aisle. Getting married is one of the most memorable days in your life, so you have to make sure that you are well-prepared for it.

During the big day, you have to ensure that you are relaxed. While it is normal that you might feel a little nervous, you should still maintain your poise. This is your day, so you should make the most out of it.

How to look good on your wedding day

Wondering how you will look great and stunning during your wedding day? Read on as we share some beauty tips with you.

Choose the right wedding dress

hdshdhd674The wedding dress or gown that you will be wearing that day will certainly make a huge difference on how you would look like. Therefore, it is essential that you do your research way ahead of time. You have to look for a bridal shop that has the best designers. Once you have found one, check out their 2017 wedding dresses.

Make sure that you choose something that fits your body type; one that is elegant. Aside from this, you also have to consider the location of your wedding so you would know what type of a dress you should wear. And lastly, it is crucial that you work with the budget that you have set.

Plan your hair and makeup

Next up, you have to decide on which hairstyle you would like to wear during the big day. You can try out the different styles available. You can choose one from the traditional designs. Or, if you have chosen a modern-looking wedding dress, then you should match it with a modern hairstyle as well.

Moreover, it would be good if you hire the services of a great makeup artist. Just like the hairstyle, you can try out several makeup inspirations. One thing that you have to remember is that you should not get too dramatic when putting your makeup on. If you are getting married on a beach, it is not advisable for you to wear heavy makeup. Keep it simple.


Have a beauty rest

Preparing for your wedding day could be very tiring. But it is important that you find time to relax. A few days before the event, make sure that you get your beauty rest. Get enough sleep and drink plenty of water so your skin would look great come your wedding day.

Argan Oil Shampoo For Your Hair

By   08/31/2017

In the beauty world today there are so many portions and lotions that have flooded the market that can be used to take care of your hair. This, in turn, has posed a challenge to consumers on which lotion can best take care of their hair. If you happen to look around various cosmetic shops, you will discover shelves full of such products of different types and manufacturers too.

All of these products are branded differently, and they usually promise to work wonders and miracles to your hair. Thus, for one to determine which one best works for them the basic thing that people do is to try a sample of them and eventually settle on one. Fortunately, you can try DIY argan oil shampoo.

Argan oil

It is usually Argan treereferred to as liquid gold; this is an organic product that is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree. The tree usually grows in Morocco. The oil is extremely rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, which makes it very beneficial particularly to the hair and skin. This can explain why it is a popular choice as a cosmetic that appeals to both rich and poor. So this is how Argan oil can help you have more beautiful hair:

Eliminates dandruff and dry scalp

Argan oil has an extraordinarily high content of vitamin E and antioxidants which make it very effective as a great moisturizer. Thus, it can be used to fight both dandruff and dry scalp. It is advisable for one to use Argan oil on the scalp, this ensures that there is reduced dryness. This is done by warming 5 or 6 drops between your palm when you are through with this apply the warmed oil to the scalp while merging it properly.

It is recommended that you wear a showering cap, which will allow the oil to soak into the hair and scalp. If you undertake this treatment twice a week with the oil be assured that it will help you eliminate dandruff and dryness.

Protect hair from the heat of blow dryers and flat irons

The majority of the styling lotions that are available today can easily cause long-term hair damage. This is due to the many chemicals that are added to them in the manufacturing process. On the other hand, Argan oil enriches and nourishes the hair with nutrients and repairs damages since it only has natural ingredients.

Treating hair loss

A large perccutting hairentage of people suffer from hair loss; this condition is associated in most cases with females. However, research has shown that 40% of American males suffer from the same. When you discover that you are losing more and more hair either in the shower, bathroom sink or even on your hair brush do not ignore this but instead, take action. By treating your scalp three times a week with Argan oil, you will not only stop hair loss but also promote new hair growth.

With the benefits that we have seen above, it is thereby prudent that I advise you to do away with every other oil and stick with Organic Argan oil.

Understanding All Natural Beauty Products

By   07/27/2017

Every person wants to be good looking naturally instead of using high chemical content products. There are many people that suffer from the chemical sensitivities. JK Naturals is one of the enterprises that cell certified natural beauty products. Thus, they are looking for products that are safe to use and chemical free. You should note that such products are hard to find. Nowadays, there are several products that are sold on the market. Unfortunately, you may not know the chemicals they contain.

If you walk into a cosmetic shop and pick a lotion, you may be surprised to find out the types of chemicals used. Just think how such chemicals can affect your skin. Better even to use natural aloe vera than buying such products.

Why natural products?

Naturt2g3ed6cy237eu28i22al products ought to be high quality products. In fact, natural food and natural beauty products have no difference. It is like converting natural food that has become revered and accepted. In this modern world, natural beauty care does not get the credit it needs. This is because there are no strict guidelines or standards in place that direct consumers to know what is natural and what is not. Thus, buyers ought to beware and be educated to know how they can identify what is natural and what is not.

There are several beauty products that are on the market that claim to be natural. However, you should not be deceived by them. Whenever you find the word “natural” on beauty products, it is simply worthless and meaningless. In most instances, this word is used to attract consumers to buy those beauty products. It is advisable to read ingredient labels carefully. If there are long chemical names, there is a high probability that it is not natural.

Chemical free

As muctgedfc6yw3ed7u92h as I sound harsh, that is the truth. If you regularly use chemical-based natural products, you are likely to suffer serious complications. It is necessary to start using natural beauty products. Just compare them to food. The skin, which surrounds your whole body will take a huge portion of whatever you put into it. If the skin does not absorb the product, then think of nicotine patches and birth control. The skin absorbs toxic compounds and chemicals on a daily basis. However, if you use harmful chemicals, with time they will merge with other products. Most combinations used in chemical-based products are yet to be tested.

Why are diamond rings considered ageless

By   05/24/2017

A diamond has long been idolized as the ultimate symbol of lasting love because of its purity and ageless beauty. Diamond rings are wonderful whether you are getting them as engagement rings or just buying them to add to your jewelry collection. It is presented in a variety of sizes, shape, metals and colors, making it possible for everyone to find a ring that is best and fits every individual’s preference.

Diamonds are modest in variety and high in quality, and this is one of the reasons why they make better choices for engagement rings. The diamond rings have different great qualities that make them special as they are. Some may wonder why diamond rings are considered ageless.

Here are some reasons that make them that special and be viewed as ageless.

They are simply beautiful.

The diamond rings come with unmatched beauty with their colorless presentation with an inner fire. It is for this beauty that the diamond has been prized for years and every stone comes with its complex characteristics hard to duplicate. The fact is that no two are the same and this is a feature that makes it possible for you to find a stone you find unique in character and personality.


They are durable.

Diamonds are the hardest substances known, and this gives them a resistance to deterioration. Therefore, when you take the right care of your diamond ring, you can be sure to wear it for generations.

They are rare.

This is considering that diamonds are limited to given areas. This means that the supply of the stones is also limited. On the other hand, only a small percent of rough diamonds is suitable enough for gem cutting. The rarity of this gemstone makes diamond rings treasured and high in value.

If you want to give your soon-to-be bride a rare engagement ring, check the Pink Diamond.

They have enduring value.

The diamond prices fluctuate, but the value of the stone is retained even after years of wearing and enjoying your ring. This means that when you choose to sell your ring, you will get real value for it regardless of how many years you have had the ring. The value never depreciates with age.

They have unique characteristics.

djhd74Diamond rings have original looks with an antique style. The stone can be cut into different styles and shapes; hence you can get a style that is unique to you, made just for you. You can also be sure that your ring will be one of a kind in characteristics considering that every diamond is unique.

Diamond rings have so many features that make them unique and be considered ageless especially as engagement rings.

How to Sew a Stunning Dress using Inexpensive Materials

By   05/15/2017

Sometimes, one moves from shop to shop without finding the perfect dress. However, you do not have to be frustrated as you can make the dress of your dreams using a few tips and tricks. Today, many people take sewing as a hobby. Imagine making the dress of your dreams; right fit, great design, your style and one that is flattering to your body shape without necessarily breaking the bank. So, if want to create your own dresses, start by investing in great tools. Take a look at the sewing machines reviews and get the best one for you.

This brief overview looks into a few tricks and strategies one can use in sewing their dress.

Sew a stunning dress using inexpensive materials

  • Take measurements

The first step is to take measurements from different parts of your body including waist, breast, and height. This ensures you have perfectly fitting clothes.


  • Choose garment

  1. You can choose colorful clothes with playful prints of your choice that is inexpensive. You can, for example, make a dress from a ribbed tank top and 3 yards of matching fabric.
  2. Proceed to cut the tank top in half or according to your preference. The length of the tank top depends on a person’s burst size and how long the dress is.
  3. Wrap the fabric around your waist about 1 and half times then cut in a straight line
  4. Fold your fabric in two halves to create a skirt then sew the short side.
  5. Open the fabric and sew on two layers of fabric to join them together.
  6. Ensure the skirt has loose yet evenly distributed ruffles while sewing.
  7. Turn the skirt inside out where raw edges are facing out then place the tank top inside then pin them together and sew.

Great tips

  • Get the garment tailored

A very cheap dress can look like a high-end designer skirt with just some trick stitches.

  • Replace buttons

Switching cheap buttons for richer looking buttons such as pearl, metal or bone can make your dress look significantly expensive. You can also harvest great looking buttons from old clothes.

  • Use garment that is in new condition

If the garment has stains, take it to the dry cleaner. If the stains cannot come out, do not use the garment as it will make your dress look old and inexpensive. Also keep away from distressed pieces as they end up looking old in just a short time.

  • Choose black over brown

Earthy colors such as brown, olive and mauve end up looking dingily and low quality especially when used in prints. Use black, white, as well as bright looking colors such as rich jewel tones and bold pastels.

  • Create a silhouette under clothes

hgdd874Visible panty lines and bra lines can make you outfit look ill-fitting and flimsy like many cheap clothes. A lightweight shapewear minimizes bumps making your outfit look luxurious.

You can now create the dress you desire using the above strategies and get the satisfaction of wearing a stunning, fitting dress in your style.

Reasons Women Use Butt Enlargement Creams

By   03/09/2017

A lot of men love women who have a curved body. However, this is not the major reason women look for butt enlargement products. You can buy Butt Enhancement Cream at this link. A good number of women continue to struggle with various body issues that force them to seek out different methods so that they can achieve whatever they desire. If you are one of them looking forward to enhancing your backside, it is advisable to try only natural products. They can help you overcome your body image problems and achieve the look you want.

Sexual attraction

This is anotSexual attractionher reason women go for butt enlargement products as they help them look sexually attractive. It does not matter whether you do have a man already in your life or you want to attract one, using enlargement cream can enhance your butt and give you the sexier body you have been dreaming about. Thus, enlarging your butt will boost your self-confidence, and make you feel more attractive.

Better fit

Some women find it very difficult to get the right clothing, which offers them an ideal fit. According to the design of the clothing, sometimes it feels like it does not fit different aspects of your body. Thus, if you find the clothing to be droopy, it is advisable to use a butt enhancement cream. This will make your clothing feel better. Thus, it will not be difficult to find clothing, which fits well.

Appropriate body proportion

You should note tsexualhat there are no two given bodies, which are the same. Every person has a given area, which he or she is not happy about. Thus, if you are unhappy with your butt area, you can enhance it using natural creams to achieve the ideal size, you desire. For instance, some women have a bigger chest, but a small butt. It makes you feel heavier. However, if you can use enlargement creams on the butt, you will gain balance.

The above are some reasons to use a butt enlargement cream to make yourself feel and look better. Studies show that self-esteem problems can be rampant in this society. This explains why women should go for butt enhancement products as they will make them feel more beautiful and attractive. From getting clothing with a better fit to sexual attraction, and gaining right balance, you will be happy with your new appearance.

A Review Of The Best Butt Enhancement Creams

By   03/09/2017

With the use of internet and innovation, people are now getting a variety or reliable products closer to them. A few decades ago people would take hours window shopping along the streets. Shopping is now, conveniently done online. With many websites dedicated review products and direct potential clients to a reliable seller, things are even easier. Buying butt enhancement creams is now easier if you have the right information. You can read the article here for information on the best-rated butt enhancement creams.

Top Rated butt enhancements creams

Booty magic butt enhancement cream

woman with big buttThis 60 days dose of natural ingredients cream is very useful for hips, thighs, and bum. The manufacturer recommends a combined use with complimenting supplements for better results. They work from inside since they are oral while the cream works from the surface of application. Notably, these products are made after a thorough research to derive an entirely working formula. Thus, they assure a money back guarantee – which no one claims anyway.

Booty perfect natural butt enhancement cream

As the name suggests, this top pick cream is made from purely natural ingredients. As a matter of fact, it is a combination of the finest products. Thus, it assures clients of no metal traces, hormones or any chemicals that can bring side effects. They promise results in 60 days as well or get your money back. However, full results are better realized if the cream is used every day for four to six months. Users can also boost the results by use of their supplements in a directed way.

Curves butt enhancement cream

cartoonThe product is done by diva fit and sexy who have perfectly incorporated various natural products for a bigger butt growth. They claim that Dead Sea minerals and Spirulina will work perfectly to soften and tone the skin cells. Similarly, cinnamon oil will ensure blood flows well to the bum area to supply the required nutrients. Other natural ingredients which make this extra strength formula include grapefruit and aloe oils. So if you are looking to have a risk free enhancement cream, then this is the option

How to buy the best butt enhancement creams

Getting such creams is easy since it involves ordering from a reliable supplier and waiting for your shipment or delivery to arrive. Additionally, the use is as simple as applying on the surface of the bum, thighs, and hips as instructed.

The Popularly Worn Ladies Jewelry

By   01/14/2017

Since the past times, women have been wearing jewelry to bring out their beauty and symbolize their fashion trends. Ladies are very thrilled by their personality outlook and always ensure they go into the extra mile to achieve it. They spice up their beauty and personality by putting on specially designed and choreographed jewelry to make them stand out. Wearing designer jewelry is a sure way for ladies to stage their style and fashion sense. There is a variety of ladies jewellery shops melbourne which clearly serves them this purpose.

The popularly worn ladies jewelry includes;


A ladies earring is still the most worn ladies jewelry in the world. This is because the earring is worn on the ear making it visible to everybody. Ladies love wearing earrings because they need everybody to notice and stand out from the rest of the crowd. These earrings come in different styles and designs. They include a stud, huggy or the hanging earrings. They are made of different materials including silver, diamond, brass or other materials that bring complete elegance and style.


Ladies Rings

Despite the fact that rings are mostly ceremonial and only used on special occasions, many ladies wear them as beauty jewels. In many instances, rings are worn to symbolize an engagement or for a union in marriage. Ladies wear designer rings on their fingers to add value to their beauty and look smart and presentable. The beauty rings come in many shapes and designs, unlike a wedding ring which takes its plain round shape. This gives it the difference in functionality.

Ladies Bracelets

Bracelets are the type of jewelry worn on the wrists of the arm and in most instances ladies are nowadays wearing them on their legs. They come in various shapes, styles, and colors. In most cases, they are better worn together with other jewelry. They can assume any shape or texture depending on the taste preference of the person intending to wear them. They are of various types which include those made from beads popularly known as Shamballa bracelets, diamond bracelets or silver bracelets.

Ladies Necklaces

Ladies Necklaces

A necklace is another ladies jewelry. All young and old are fascinated by a necklace. It is worn around the neck to bring out the beauty in a woman’s world. They can be in the form of chain necklaces, beaded necklace, charm necklace and much more. Most ladies commonly style it up with the same color as of the shoes, dress, and even earrings to bring out the sassy diva in a lady.