5 Tips From Barbers For Maintaining Healthy Hair

By   07/26/2016

Barbers recommend a maintained routine for most modern men’s haircuts. Some people prefer to leave the barber shop when their hair is in place while others prefer a wash and go style. A great haircut is essential. Men can keep themselves looking organized and neat and also save money by maintaining different styles between cuts. Here are the tips to help cut and keep a great look in between visits to the stylist.

Scalp Care

woman doing Scalp CareHair has no regenerative properties in its self as it is not a living part of the body. There is no cell activity or blood flow. The follicles should be kept healthy, and it will result in healthier looking hair. Reduce greasy build up and keep the follicles clear of debris by using a mild shampoo to wash it daily. Showering and rinsing with lukewarm water is better than hot showers though most men prefer using hot showers. Essential oils are stripped from the hair if you use hot water to wash it. Regular washing stimulates the circulation and keeps the scalp free of excess build-up of styling oils and products.

Regular Maintenance

Longer cuts need enough care to maintain a style and shape though if your hair is styled longer the less often it needs a barber touch. Hair can have split ends or get worn as it grows. Keep the dead ends from spoiling the smooth, clean look of style and creating a frizzy look by paying attention to regular barbers’ scissors.

Avoid Harsh ChemicalsScalp Care

It damages the hair to use home coloring kits, permanent formulas, and straighteners to add curls. It is better for you to be applied a new color, make your hair curlier or straighter style by a qualified stylist to minimize damage. You can strip the surface by frequent applications. Allowing new hair to grow out is the only way to repair damaged hair. You can restore some of the shine by using hot oil treatment and conditioner. But avoiding harsh treatments is the best thing to do to keep your hair healthy and glowing.

Use The Right Tools

Men can avoid hair breakages by using least harsh combs and brushes. For most styles, it is best to use wide tooth brush or comb. When the hair is wet it is more vulnerable; it is better to wait till it dries before gently removing the tangles. Avoid using a hair dryer or rubbing dry with a towel it is better always to Pat